Reconditioned Equipment

Interchange’s vision has always been to provide a quality alternative to higher priced new equipment. This vision has become a reality through our uniquely equipped reconditioning facility and the Interchange Certified quality checklist. Since we are not brokers, all equipment is reconditioned to Interchange Certified standards at the factory, and warranted after installation.

Please remember, this is only a partial list of available equipment. Please contact your local Interchange sales representative to inquire about your specific needs.

Equipment Lists:

10 color 12 station Challenger 1992 in beautiful condition with LOW prints. Barely used with all features and a flash. This press is a terrific bargain at this price (st)

  • $19,900

6 color 8 station M&R Gauntlet, air locks, flash, working now, in excellent condition.

  • $11,900

8 color 10 station M&R Gauntlet with airlocks, COC, rear stroke, Shirt detector, and flash

  • sold

12 color 14 station M&R Challenger 1995 with air locks, COC, flash, Mosier drive, more (ts)

  • sold

1996 M&R Formula 5090 14 color 16 station all servo press. Perfect, ready-to-print condition. Low impressions, too. Auto peel, air locks, more. M&R’s best press with two IR flashes

  • sold

60″ M&R Sprint gas dryer with 12′ heat. See pic for excellent condition

  • $10,000

48: M&R Maxi Cure Electric dryer with 8′ heat. 1994

  • sold

60″ M&R Maxi Cure electric dryer with 10′ heat, 3′ infeed, 4′ delivery 1995

  • $6,499

72″ Precision Vortex gas dryer with 10′ heat, 5′ infeed, 5′ delivery

  • $11,900

48″ Advance Texair gas dryer, 10′ heat, 5′ in, 5′ out, with IR panel.

  • $7,900

48″ Precision Vortex gas dryer with 10′ heat, 5′ infeed, 5′ delivery

  • sold

Sias PSMatic 35×45 in superb condition. Vacuum, blowback, precision carriage movement. Ready for delivery

  • $19,000

Sias Cylinder press 20″x30″ vacuum with mirrus feeder. Fully automatic line in excellent condition. Currently in use with power. New Squeegees, Frames

  • $19,000

Fineline 40″x55″ 3/4 moving table press.Ideal for precision and 4-color work

  • $24,900

Sias Seri-fast 46″x72″ 1994 gripper press with 72″ 2-bulb Uvex UV system. IN STOCK

  • $89,900

Sias MultiFormula 60″x72″ Multi-color inline UV system, 2-color Model 15180 1994, Full features. A complete 2-color print/dry line

  • call for price

M&R Saturn 1997 25″ x 38″ with air locks in excellent condition

  • sold

1992 Precision Premier Oval 11 color 18 station press with flash. Excellent condition. Very fast production press

  • 14,900

4 color 10 station Advance Multi-Printer. Large imprint, expandable. A perfect starter press. Solid, dependable, easy to service.

  • 4,900

8 color 10 station Advance Multi-Printer 18×22 imprint, 1/2 index, double index, flash. Solid, dependable workhorse production machine

  • 12,900

Precision Versa Oval JUMBO 24×36 imprint 8 color 18 station. Lots of room for flashes.

  • 19,900

IC “Link” 12 color Jumbo. Hydraulic dependability with 12 color capability. Completely reconditioned by Interchange.

  • 19,900

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